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Cryopump and Helium Compressor Repair


Trillium takes pride in the personal approach to customer service and support. Our fully trained service specialists overhaul thousands of cryopumps, helium compressors, and cryogenic cold heads each year.

  • All cryogenic equipment is overhauled to original equipment manufacturer specifications.
  • Trillium expert service is fast, efficient, competitive, and reliable.
  • All repairs are backed by our one year global one year warranty.

Cryopump Models Serviced

  • Trillium Cryoplex®: CP8, CP8LP, CP10, CP16
  • CTI CryoTorr®: CT100, CT4, CT4F, CT7, CT8, CT8F, CT10, CT10F, CT250F, CT400, CT500
  • CTI OnBoard®: OB4, OB4F, OB8, OB8F, OB10, OB250F, OB400, and OB500

Cryopump Service Scope of Work

Vacuum Side

Complete Disassembly and Ultrasonic Cleaning of All Components
15k condensing array (charcoal array)
Silicon diode (if equipped)
Indium gaskets
Inspect and Test:
80k condensing array (inlet array)
Radiation shield
Hydrogen vapor gauge (if equipped)

Helium Side

Complete Disassembly and Ultrasonic Cleaning of Machined Components
First and second stage displacer seals
Motor bearings
Upper/lower bushings
Exhaust valve body
Inspect and Test:
Scotch yoke
Valve stems
Rocker arms
Crank shaft
Rocker arms
Set valve timing
Re-magnetize motor
Test inlet valve

Cryopump Commitment to Quality

  • Repaired to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications
  • 24 Hour and Multiple Regeneration Testing
  • Temperature and Pressure Versus Time Testing
  • Reset Run Hours for OnBoard® Pumps
  • RGA and Helium Leak Test/Sniff
  • Certificate of Conformance Supplied
  • Full One Year Global Warranty**

**Covering Components Serviced or Replaced

For more information, contact Customer Service:
Tel: 800-453-1340 option 3