Dry Pump Repair

Edwards Dry Pump Repair

Trillium specializes in Edwards dry pump service, and we have made unparalleled investments to provide the absolute highest levels of service and support for your Edwards QDP, iQDP, iH, iL and iGx based pumping systems.

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Rebuild and Testing Process:

Trillium takes great care to ensure each Edwards dry pump repair performs to our stringent internal standards, as well as your requirements. Highlights of the process include:

  • Detailed incoming inspection with photographs taken from numerous angles these are used later in the process to ensure the product is returned to you in the same configuration, including any accessories installed on the pump
  • Complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and a rigorous inspection process to identify any worn components or parts.
  • Expert assembly by fully trained technicians, done safely with ergonomically designed work stations, and the appropriate material handling equipment.
  • Comprehensive testing to verify base pressure, pumping speed, motor current, pump temperature, and a number of other key performance criteria. Copy of final test report provided.

Special Processes

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The difference between a Trillium dry pump repair and our competitors is in the attention we pay to many of the subassemblies on board.

  • Claw recoating: All Teflon coated parts are stripped and recoated on every rebuild. This work is performed in house, which allows us to tightly control the process and offer the lowest cost.
  • Motor Rebuilding: Motors are rebuilt with new bearings, and undergo extensive testing to ensure electrical safety and adequate water cooling.
  • N2 Purge System: Gas modules are helium leak checked, and all digital flow readings are verified against calibrated analog gauges.
  • Electrics and Sensor Modules: Independent testing of each module prior to installation on the pump ensure proper operation. Trillium maintains board level repair capability, and we can fix nearly any problem with these subsystems.
  • Water Cooling Systems: Thermal Control Valves and other cooling system components are descaled, rebuilt and fully pressure tested hydrostatically.


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Parts Manufacturing

Our in-house parts manufacturing center features state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment and is fully equipped with SolidWorks and CAD/CAM, as well as a detailed quality control system. We manufacture components and parts for our own line of Univac pumps, in addition to those utilized within competitive dry pump model - including Edwards DP, QDP, QMB, iQDP and iH pumping systems. This capability allows Trillium to better control its costs and supply chain ensuring we can deliver true value to our customers with each repair.


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Service Centers

Trillium repairs dry pumps, including Edwards, Ebara and Alcatel from 3 US service centers no other 3rd party repair company offers this level of support.

Edwards Dry Pump Services









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Models We Currently Service

Single Pumps Combinations
Edwards DP40 Edwards QDP40/QMB250
Edwards DP80 Edwards QDP40/QMB500
Edwards QDP40 Edwards QDP80/QMB250
Edwards QDP80 Edwards QDP80/QMB500
Edwards iQDP40 Edwards QDP80/QMB1200
Edwards iQDP80 Edwards iQDP40/QMB250
Edwards iL70 Edwards iQDP40/QMB500
Edwards iH80 Edwards iQDP80/QMB250
Edwards iGx100 Edwards iQDP80/QMB500
Edwards IPX100 Edwards iQDP80/QMB1200
Edwards IPX500 Edwards iH600
Edwards EPX180 Edwards iH1000
Edwards EPX500 Edwards iH1800
  Edwards iL600
  Edwards iGx600
  Edwards iGx1000