Piston Pump Repair

Stokes MicroVac Rotary Piston Pump Repair

Trillium specializes in Stokes MicroVac pump service and has made unparalleled investments to provide the absolute highest levels of service and support for your Stokes 14X, 212, 412, 612 and 912 based systems, as well as our own Univac 100, 200 and 400 pumping systems.

Stokes Piston Pump Repair








Models Trillium Services
Stokes 148H-10
Stokes 412H-10
Stokes 149H-10
Stokes 412H-11
Stokes 212H-10
Stokes 412J-14
Stokes 212H-11
Stokes 612MB
Stokes 212J-14
Stokes 912

Rebuild and Testing Process

Trillium takes great care to ensure each Stokes pump repair is performed to our internal specifications, as well as your requirements. Highlights of the process include:

  • Detailed incoming inspection including photos taken from a number angles these are used later in the process to ensure the product is returned to you in the same configuration, including any accessories installed on the pump
  • Thorough disassembly, cleaning and inspection process to identify any parts no longer within specification that require replacement
  • Industry leading block inspection and reboring process, which restores the concentricity and surface of this critical area of the pump
  • Expert assembly by fully trained technicians done safely with ergonomically designed work stations and the appropriate material handling equipment
  • Comprehensive testing to verify base pressure, pumping speed, motor current, pump temperature and a number of other key performance criteria. Copy of final test report provided.
Piston Pump Repair









Parts Manufacturing

Our In-House parts manufacturing center features state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment and is fully equipped with SolidWorks and CAD/CAM, as well as a detailed quality control system.

In House Machining of Stokes/Univac Eccentric









As our Univac line is an exact drop-in replacement for the MicroVac line, every part down to the nuts and bolts are in stock and available to speed the rebuild of your pump.

Stokes 412/Univac 400 Rotating Assembly and Exhaust Valve









Service Centers

Trillium repairs rotary piston pumps, including Stokes, Kinney and Leybold from 3 US service centers no other 3rd party repair company offers this level of support.

Service Centers









Contact us today for a competitive quote on your next Stokes 146, 148, 149, 212, 412, 612MB or 912 repair. Keep in mind we also repair Stokes 3 and 6 blowers, as well as most other makes/models of rotary vane, rotary piston, rotary lobe and dry pumps.