Trillium Services & Support


Repair Services

Trillium repairs a wide range of vacuum and temperature control systems using processes governed by our ISO 9001 registered management systems. For our customers, this translates to complete asset accountability during the rebuild process, repeatable quality and ongoing continuous improvement. In addition, Trillium's customers enjoy customizable repair scopes of work as well as regular repair status reports from our dedicated customer service team. Trillium regularly repairs the following types of equipment - please contact us to request a quote for service on your equipment:

Primary Vacuum Pumps

Ultra High Vacuum Systems

Temperature Control Units

  • Chillers
  • Heat Exchangers


Onsite Services

Trillium offers on-site support service to assist our customers with equipment installation, removal, preventative maintenance, logistics, spares management, and continuous improvement projects. Trillium can provide a highly skilled Field Service Engineer (FSE) for as little as a few hours to as much as 40 hours per week. Our FSEs typically provide on-site assistance with primary vacuum pumps, cryo pumps/compressors , temperature control units and exhaust gas abatement systems. Coupled with Trillium's Equipment Maintenance Management Application, we can provide customers with regular activity reports, projected maintenance and exchange schedules, as well as comprehensive performance analysis.

For more information, contact Customer Service:
Tel: 800-453-1340 x1